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There’s an empowering phrase that is thrown around freely, bringing great relief to it’s recipient.

“You do you!”

I’ve always wished to become a writer, my entire life I’ve hoped to sit down and write an auto-biography. Where does one find the time, between a career, family or just getting out of the house for some fresh air?

“This is it.” I posted to friends, family and my acquaintances on FaceBook. ” You all have been wondering what I am up to, and this is it – this is the year I’m going to write my book”. That was 778 days ago. 2 years, 1 month and 17 days – to be exact. Guess what?

I haven’t wrote a single line of that book.

So what happened? What gets in the way of a life long desire to pursue our hobbies, or dreams? I think this question has multiple answers. From experience, I’ve discovered there are 3 things that have stalled me for an additional 778 days, from pursuing a life long goal.

1.) Vulnerability

2.) Time management

3.) Becoming a “writer”

Yes, becoming a “writer” has actually gotten in the way of my dream to write. Ironic, isn’t it? I listened to this TedTalk by Nathan Filer and after watching it I realized that in order to become a writer, I had to write something. All too often, in the past 778 days, when I considered finding the time to sit down and write my book I viewed it as a monumental task, instead of eating the elephant one bite at a time and just writing something. It makes sense to me now why I haven’t written my book, my thinking was that I had to write a book. We must break our big goals in to small actionable steps in order to achieve them or we may find ourselves at the end saying, “I never found the time.”

Which brings me up the list to time management. If we always try to reach our goals when we find the time, instead of make the time, we are unlikely to achieve the results we are after. Even if you are able to find the time, there is a high probability you will find yourself reaching your goals at a slower pace than had you made the time. Often, successful people become successful by spending 20 minutes a day moving toward their goals as it is is far more effective than 2 hours, once a week. Reaching the end goal comes with consistency. THAT is where you see the pay off of your work.  20 minutes is really pretty easy to find, when you think about it. The “ten-year overnight success” is a phrase used to coin how people become an “overnight success” if you haven’t heard of it before, Google it – I’d explain, but I have 20 minutes to publish this blog.

We can apply the previous points to achieving many things. Matter of fact, I’m sure you are already thinking about where you can find the time, and how you can “____ something” everyday, to get one step closer to your accomplishment. However, we really need to address the tiny and terrifying gremlin in the closet, vulnerability. Have you ever listened to Brene Browns’ TedTalk on The Power of Vulnerability? If (you haven’t, it is a must!) There’s nothing more terrifying and beautiful than being vulnerable. The reason I have not wrote a single page of my book could easily be summed up by the presence of vulnerability. What if I am not the writer I dream to be, after all? What if I write a story from my personal experiences that is criticized or worse – that I’m then judged for?….What if I never write because of this fear? Some times in our society, we are unreceived for being different. Matter of fact, this is all too often. The times in my life I have felt like the “odd man out” are innumerable – can you relate? We must learn to love vulnerability, if we are ever going to be true to ourselves. A word of encouragement, you ARE enough!

This year, I am going to take actionable steps by dedicating 20 minutes a day to achieve my dreams. I am going to write something, everyday – It might be a page, it might only be a few sentences – and that’s ok! I’m going to encourage myself, when that little gremlin appears, and remind myself that I am enough and that most people will not do what I am setting out to do, because they are afraid of being vulnerable, too.

There is more to life than paying bills and dying.  Don’t let 778 days sneak by you – you do you – and start today.

With perseverance,